Entry #1

Clean Slate

2015-10-31 15:03:55 by GeneralStatic

OK, so after a 5 month hietus on this website and my youtube channel, I figured out what was wrong with my stuff! I had no knowledge of music theory. Recently, I have begun researching the subject and found out that I had been doing just aout everything wrong! XD Once I finish studying up on musc theory, I'm gonna give another crack at this whole music thing. And I have deleted all of my old songs except for 8-bit exploration, because that song was made up entirely out of samples. And it has over 200 downloads. EXPECT SOME NEW SONGS SOON! :D


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2015-11-01 01:19:57

i'm glad to hear about your recent endeavors general :> its fantastic to be learning something totally new and progress

GeneralStatic responds:

Why, thank you! :D I find music theory to be fascinating! And now I'm gonna be doing more than just hitting random keys!