Entry #2

Even Cleaner Slate

2016-03-15 02:39:35 by GeneralStatic

Alright, not sure who will see this, but I have not given up on music yet, I'm about to graduate high school. And once I do, I'm going to make a new name for myself, a new name I shall go by on the internet, making music and whatnot. Unfortunately, I have a major game project I must complete for the end of my school year so I have to focus a lot on that. I will have to postpone my dreams to make another happen, shortly. I thank those who actually listened to my song, and thank you to the few commenters I did recieve. Perhaps in a few months I shall rise to be a popular musicin, spreading fun, good music for people to enjoy. I have learned a lot as General Static, but it's time to shed that persona and put what I've learned to good use. Good bye, see you later, and have a fantastic day.


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2016-03-15 11:15:14

Don't get too ambitious. Just take it one step at a time. My advice is to practice making music with classic video game sound (no effects/mastering necessary, just proper volume levels), then slowly step up to more complex stuff. I'm still not that good, but I'm always improving. And hell, you don't even have to change names. My first few years on Newgrounds, I got up to just 48 fans. These past few months, I gained another 70 and got a featured track. That goes to show that you can indeed repair your reputation by constantly improving. Just don't get upset by some people who zero bomb or say what's wrong with your songs. It will almost always happen no matter how good you are. Take any criticism as a way to improve, not an insult. It took me a few years to get that straight. But anyway, good luck to you!

(Updated ) GeneralStatic responds:

yeah, I've started with a simple grand piano, and making simple stuff for now, I do have Retroboy, so I will definitely play around with that sometime, thank you for your comment! I am still going to change the name though, I've come up with something much cooler :D