Even Cleaner Slate

2016-03-15 02:39:35 by GeneralStatic

Alright, not sure who will see this, but I have not given up on music yet, I'm about to graduate high school. And once I do, I'm going to make a new name for myself, a new name I shall go by on the internet, making music and whatnot. Unfortunately, I have a major game project I must complete for the end of my school year so I have to focus a lot on that. I will have to postpone my dreams to make another happen, shortly. I thank those who actually listened to my song, and thank you to the few commenters I did recieve. Perhaps in a few months I shall rise to be a popular musicin, spreading fun, good music for people to enjoy. I have learned a lot as General Static, but it's time to shed that persona and put what I've learned to good use. Good bye, see you later, and have a fantastic day.

Clean Slate

2015-10-31 15:03:55 by GeneralStatic

OK, so after a 5 month hietus on this website and my youtube channel, I figured out what was wrong with my stuff! I had no knowledge of music theory. Recently, I have begun researching the subject and found out that I had been doing just aout everything wrong! XD Once I finish studying up on musc theory, I'm gonna give another crack at this whole music thing. And I have deleted all of my old songs except for 8-bit exploration, because that song was made up entirely out of samples. And it has over 200 downloads. EXPECT SOME NEW SONGS SOON! :D